SOS Children's Villages Mauritius

SOS Children’s Villages Mauritius is a leading NGO in the childcare sector, caring for neglected and abandoned children as well as others who are in situations of vulnerability. The core of our programme consists of two SOS Children's Villages - SOS Children's Village Beau Bassin and SOS Children's Village Bambous caring for about 140 children who are given the chance to grow up and develop themselves in SOS families.  Each SOS families is headed by a SOS Mother, constitute the residential care programme at SOS Children’s Villages Beau Bassin and Bambous.  The SOS Mothers provide the children with love and care as their own children. 

The Family strengthening programmes seek to prevent children from being deprived of the care of their family by addressing the causes of family break-down. The family strengthening intervention cares for some 934 children living mainly in deprived localities.  Our focus is on children who are at risk of abandonment or whose rights are not being respected. 

The impact of our work is enumerated below: · 140 abandoned children being regularly cared for in SOS families in our residential care project.· 62 needy children, many of whom would have otherwise been out of school, attended full-time pre-primary education.· 84 adolescents completed vocational training in 2013 and 158 planned for 2014.· 50 youths receiving support (employment, housing, and training) for re-integration.· Two former SOS children completed their first year of university studies.· 1000 children mainly in poor localities supported by means of outreach services.· On-going empowerment of 400 vulnerable families. In order to continue supporting vulnerable children and families, we need additional support. Therefore, we appeal to you to join hands with us, to help us in our mission.



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