Mauritius Marathon, 14 July 2019

Mauritius Marathon is becoming the most important marathon of the Indian Ocean Islands in terms of the number of international participants. It is a unique event because of its claim not only to offer another race, but to create unforgettable experience and magic moments for the runners and their families and at the same time promoting in a dynamic way our destination.


The Organizing Committee is composed of the following key Members:  

  • Mr. Jean Marie GRALL, Race Director -
    AIMS Committee Member and Official Measurer 
    Olympic Committee Member.
    He is also Technical Director and Official Measurer of Paris Marathon and technically involved in many other major Marathons in the World.
  • Albert D'Unienville, Co-founder of the Mauritius Marathon.
  • Frédéric Robert, Co-founder of the Maurtius Marathon.
  • Mauritius Marathon is also financially supporting SOS Children Village and Link to Life (cancer fight) associations in Mauritius


The Race:

There will be the classical Marathon, a Half Marathon and a 10km-race on the same day.

This edition of the Mauritius Marathon will take the runners from the start at Saint Felix beach on a breathtaking 42,195 km along the coastal road to the turning point close to the spectacular Le Morne mountain and back to the Finish line at St. Felix public beach, where a swim in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, food and drinks, a massage and a first Sega Party will wait for you!


Enjoy the creole villages, crystal-clear blue lagoons and friendly Mauritians along the track. You will experience one of the most beautiful courses of the world. The Half Marathon and the 10km runners will finish as well at St. Felix beach and will join the party there.


The track is AIMS and IAAF certified.


Scenic road along the coast with challenging bits with a fairly flat profile. Our race director is Jean-Marie Grall , a well-known AIMS official measurer.


The Island:

Mauritius is a tropical Island in the Indian Ocean, east of the African Coast and Madagascar and south

of the Seychelles. The population of 1,2 million Mauritians comes from Europe, Africa, India and China. All the world religions are being peacefully practiced on the Island.

Mauritius is a reputable democracy.


The Climate:

Mauritius has a tropical climate and temperatures in July varies between 18 – 25 degrees Celsius. At the start of the marathon the temperature is between 16 - 20 degrees Celsius in the early morning. On the finish line the temperature varies between 23 – 25 degrees Celisius. The humidity in July is quite low.


The Event:

The organizers want to offer a special experience to all runners coming from around the world and at the same time for guests to spend an unforgettable time during their stay. We want them to take their time whislt experiencing different facettes of the Island by meeting the people and tasting new recipes. We want our  runners and guests to go back with memories and souvenirs.



Come and join us!